Help us renovate classrooms and improve facilities for Fall 2022! image

Help us renovate classrooms and improve facilities for Fall 2022!

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Cristo Rey Capital Campaign

Cristo Rey San Diego High School is growing! This fall will mark our third school year, and we will serve three grade levels. To accommodate the additional classes being offered, we are focused on renovating four classrooms this summer, including a state of the art chemistry lab. With a goal of $100,000, we will need the help of our community to make this happen.

  • A gift of $18,000 will support one complete classroom remodel
  • A gift of $5,000 will cover new drywall and painting for one classroom
  • A gift of $3,500 will purchase an interactive short-throw projector
  • A gift of $1,000 will purchase two lab tables
  • A gift of $600 will purchase a whiteboard
  • A gift of ANY dollar amount makes a difference!

CRSD is located at the former St. Jude Academy, a K-8 parish school that closed in 2011. The building is over 60 years old and requires some facility improvements, including classroom renovations and painting. Our top priority right now is our chem lab, for our class of rising eleventh graders who will study chemistry this fall. Our new lab will include the essential equipment, supplies, and technology necessary for students to learn and advance in the sciences. This includes lab tables, desks, chemicals, safety supplies, glassware, lab equipment, and books.

Cristo Rey San Diego High School exclusively serves students from lower-income families, who could not otherwise afford a private, college-preparatory education. Ensuring that our students receive an excellent-quality education, particularly in the STEM fields, will prepare them for success in college and the modern workforce. By investing in CRSD classroom renovations, you will make a tangible impact on the lives of motivated students like Melissa and Ileana, who will take chemistry in the fall:

"I’m really interested in learning more about chemistry...I think it could help me with my major and for college. I’m interested in being a journalist for NASA or a big company like that." -Melissa P., Class of 2024

"Chemistry is very important. Science advancements are tremendous right now, and it’s important to continue that growth." -Ileana H., Class of 2024

"A well-established STEM program provides experiential learning, persists in problem-solving, embraces collaboration, and works through the creative process. Students are exposed to information in high school to explore potential careers for their future." -Ingri Lopez, Physics and Algebra 1 teacher

Learn more about Cristo Rey San Diego and our mission on our website. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!